Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In A Clockwork Orange, Alex is portrayed through the eyes of the social construct in which he lives. According to that "ideology" and the ideology that I believe I am emerged within Alex is seen as as being bad, as someone whose behavior needs intervention as such, or as Martin would have it pre-emptive measures need to be taken in order to ensure the peace in society.

What I find interesting is that in a different social construct, Alex's behavior would indeed be acceptable. Such as is portrayed in the movie when Alex is reading the bible and has a sense that he would have fit in during the Roman period depicted in the bible; indulging in the sexual exploits with the handmaidens and scourging Jesus releasing his "ultra-violence." This goes further to prove the point that the ideologies of the ruling class are imposed on those who are not the ruling class, and thus a conflict arises.

I am in no way condoning the behavior of Alex. I personally prefer a society in which violence of any sort is frowned upon. However, I do find it interesting that in different eras, different ideologies of opposing violence and condoning violence have been in conflict, and who knows if those ideologies of a different ruling class may revert back to the days where open violence is acceptable once again. One person's Utopia is another person's hell.

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